Cady Library

42 E. River Rd., Nichols, NY 13812

Public Use Computers

Seven networked internet computers are available for use by adults and children (with adult supervision).  See Computer Policies.

Printing, copying and faxing are also available.

Black & White print & copies– .15 each

Colored print & copies—.25 each


Public Use Computer Policy

  1. You must be a registered borrower at the Cady Library with no outstanding materials or fines.
  2. Users are required to sign in at circulation desk before using the computer.
  3. Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult or older child.
  4. There is a time limit of 30 minutes per user. If no one is waiting to use the computer when your time is up, you may sign up to use it again. Failure to relinquish the computer at the proper time and engaging in illegal activities may subject an individual to the loss of Internet privileges.
  5. Use is limited to two people at each computer workstation at any one time. Each user must abide by the established rules of the computer and internet use.
  6. The library prohibits illegal activities or accessing illegal materials while using the Internet. Examples of such illegal activities include but are not limited to, harassment or stalking, libel, illegal commerce or solicitation, “hacking” or tampering with other computer systems, copyright violations, and accessing obscene materials, including downloading and/or printing child pornography.
  7. An individual engaged in illegal activities will be warned by the Library staff to stop immediately. If required, the police may be notified.
  8. Failure to use the internet station appropriately and responsibly will result in revocation of your internet use privilege. Tampering with, altering, editing, or damaging computer hardware and/or software will be grounds for revocation of internet privileges and may result in criminal charges and /or suspension of all library privileges.
  9. To help defray the cost of ink, a charge of $.25 for color pages and $.15 for additional black and white pages will be made.
  10. As games and social networking are not a priority usage, please yield usage to research patrons.
  11. All resources should be documented and correct research techniques should be followed.

Cady Library Board of Trustees
September 1997